Serwanjja turns self in, BBC journalists released

Serwanjja arriving at CPS [Photo credit: Capital FM]

NBS TV journalist Solomon Serwanjja has arrived at Central Police Station to make a statement.

Police earlier released on bond three BBC journalists and Vivian Serwanjja who were arrested yesterday in connection to an investigation on the sale of government drugs.

“I feel bad my wife was dragged into this. It is not fair. It is also very dangerous for her especially since she is the Ministry of Health spokesperson. I am worried about her job and safety,” Serwanjja said.

He added: “I have had the longest week of my entire life. I have been scared and worried since the arrest of my colleagues. That night, my wife told me they had surrounded the house. I told her not to open until our lawyers came in the morning.”

His wife Vivian Serwanjja was arrested and later released on police bond. Mr

The journalists were investigating theft of government drugs.

Uganda Media Centre Executive Director, Ofwono Opondo has clarified that State House Health Monitoring Unit confirmed that indeed NBS TV journalists had contacted them to collaborate on tracking service delivery and medicines.

“…although they hadn’t concluded an MoU with them.”

Instead, the journalists went out to purchase Government drugs and were arrested.

“The Health Monitoring Unit isn’t therefore part of their action,” Opondo noted.

Serwanjja greets his family

Police arrested a team of BBC journalists for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Patrick Onyango, Uganda’s police spokesman, said the suspects were found with fourteen boxes of tablets had been seized, along with other vaccines.

Opondo said the journalists had been cooperating with the State House Health Monitoring Unit to investigate the theft and sale of Ugandan government drugs in neighbouring South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.



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