MPs to censure Kiwanda for using ‘Miss Curvy’ to sell fake bums


Hon. Bernard Atiku a member of Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) has expressed his disappointment in Tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda.

Atiku was angered by the recent launch of “Miss Curvy Uganda” by Kiwanda making women tourist assets or say sex objects for tourists.

“We are considering to move a motion before the Parliament to censure the minister in charge,” Atiku told press at Parliament on Thursday.

Atiku wants Kiwanda to make an apology to the Parliament and the country at large and to withdraw the project.

He said “Ms Curvy Uganda” is segregative, dehumanising and that the spirit behind it is evil.

Victoria University

The Parliamentary Forum for Children gave Kiwanda up to Tuesday next week to cancel the contest.

Kasambya county MP Gaffa Mbwatekamwa accused Kiwanda of promoting sex tourism under his tourism promotion initiative.

“He has a shop in Kikuubo which is fond of selling artificial curvy heaps and bums. I am going to request Parliament and ask the Speaker to put up a select committee to go down to Kikuubo to investigate these allegations against him,” Gaffa told press.



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