Karimajong warrior offers 150 cows to marry Fabiola

Fabiola and her Prince Charming

TV personality Anita Fabiola visited the Karimajong homesteads as part of her Tulambule Eastern Tour.

According to the images from the tour, Fabiola can be seen walking past  sharp-thorn fenced Manyattas while locals perform high-jumps and stomps on the ground, a welcome dance ritual.

Fabiola too picked out her Prince Charming as she danced with the women, jumped and clapped.

In the company of Miss Tourism Karamoja Emily Ayen, the villagers asked if Fabiola was single.

Thats the prestigious man

When she answered “yes”, the startled Karimajong men lined up. Clad in a white vest and green suuka, a Karimajong warrior leaped forward with a war cry.

He walked up to Fabiola and offered 150 cows for her hand in marriage.

The giggling Fabiola did not answer while the “prestigious man” explained how marrying him would elevate Fabiola’s status.

He was speaking in Ngakarimajong while Emily Ayen interpreted to Fabiola in English.

“You are a lucky girl. But before I marry you and pay my dowry, you need to give me a kid. I’m looking at planting between 8-10 kids in you,” the warrior said.

Clad in checkered wrapper skirts and white vests, the warriors chased Fabiola around manyattas, caught and carried her in the pre-marriage ceremonial chase-and-catch ritual.

It was the Minister of Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda, who stopped the warriors before they could actually go for Fabiola’s sugar bowl and lick it clean.

The guide, Teko Walter, told the state-run New Vision that the warrior is called Michael Kerry yet with no ancestral attachment to the English.

Teko said Karimajong men are lazy, sit home and wait for their women to win the bread.

“They are obsessed with cattle, but it’s the women that tend to the drawing of milk and blood from the cattle, and the general role of looking for food and taking care of the house hold,” Teko told Vision.



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