Museveni trashes Kiwanda: I won’t sell my women to tourists  

Anita Fabiola is the new tourism ambassador

“Of course people shouldn’t come here to look at our women,” President Museveni pointed out Thursday evening while addressing press.

The president spoke after the launch of the Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT) phase six at State House Entebbe.

“I don’t like the idea of selling our women as objects of attraction, even for tourism,” Museveni said.

He was responding to the launch of “Miss Curvy Uganda” where State Tourism minister Geoffrey Kiwanda declared sexy Ugandan women would become tourist attraction assets.

Museveni said he may have made a mistake to appreciate Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo resulting in “Miss Curves”.

Victoria University

“How do we explain why Nalulungi is alright and Nabitege is not. Should our children be involved in exploitative appearance?” the president stated.

When a journalist asked his comment on curvy women, Museveni noted: “I suspect when Abenakyo won beauty contest Mungooma said if beauty is selling point for the world, why not us. We should talk to them and advise quietly.”

Museveni made it clear that he was trying to encourage Abenakyo to market Uganda.

“If we do that are we right? Only slim girls. What we should ask is, should our children be involved in exploitative appearance. We should discuss whether appearances are an issue.”

He went on: “We should talk silently and sympathetically to these young people. They must have thought if beauty is good, how about structural beauty [curves]. I suspect this was their simple way of thinking.”



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