Museveni gives ‘silent majority’ joy ride on Gulu-Kitgum road

Gulu-Kitgum road

President Museveni on Wednesday said the NRM government was committed to developing the country and cited the successfully tarmacked Gulu-Kitgum road as one such example.

Speaking during Tarehe Sita celebrations at Kitgum Core Primary School Teachers College Grounds, Kitgum district, Museveni said Ugandans who stay in Kampala don’t know anything about such developments.

“I’m happy this function was brought to Kitgum. We have forced ‘Kampalians’ to come to Kitgum to see what the NRM has done,” Museveni said.

He added: “They have travelled on a good road all the way to Kitgum. It goes up to South Sudan border.”

Victoria University

Among those Museveni was referring to were musicians Bebe Cool’s “silent majority” including Catherine Kusasira, King Micheal and a team of journalists that covered the event.

Others were patriotic Ugandans who moved all the way from Kampala to Kitgum to attend the celebrations.

Presidential press secretary, Lindah Nabusayi, said Kitgum was one of the worst affected districts by the Lord’s Resistance Army [LRA] rebels of Joseph Kony.

“Now the town stands out defiantly as it hosts the 38th Tarehe Sita celebrations embracing our forces for maintaining the peace.”

Gulu-Kitgum Road is next to Kalumu and is located in Gulu District, Northern Region, Uganda.


Works on the magnificent road started in 2008 stretching it to a 100km highway from an impassable route.


Kitgum was part of Acholi District at Independence in 1962. Under the 1974 provincial Administration, Acholi was divided into two districts, West and east Acholi. The latter became Kitgum District.

It borders the Districts of Gulu in the West, Pader in the south, Kotido in the east and the republic of Sudan in the north.

The district has over 286,122 people, 146,747 are female and 139,375 are Male. Luo and Acholi are the main languages.

Agriculture with main emphasis on food crops such as millet, cassava, cow Pease, potatoes, beans, Simsim and sunflower.

Cash crops include cotton, Tobacco, Sugar cane and Simsim. Vegetables are Cabbage. There also cattle keeping.

The district has a total of 164 primary schools with 135 government, 9 private and 20 community schools.

For secondary schools, the district has over 17 schools, 7 are government, 7 private and 3 community.


There 3 technical institutions, 3 teacher training colleges. Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd is the main financial institution.

The district has 7 Government dispensaries (II), 8 health centres (III) at county, 2 health centres (IV) at sub-district with 1 hospital.

More so, it has 1 private/NGO dispensary, clinics, no health centre (III) and no hospital. Government Hospital-Kitgum with 360 beds and St. Joseph’s Kitgum with 250 beds.

The district has a well distributed feeder road-network. The roads are in fairly good condition. All roads are murram.​



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