House orders public service to reinstate interdicted officials

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Parliament has directed the Minister of State for Public Service, Hon David Karubanga to reinstate public officers who have been on interdiction for more than six months.

This followed a statement by the minister which in response to a matter raised by Hon. Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi (NRM, Elgon County) on the interdiction which according to the MPs contravenes the Public Service Standing Orders.

Karubanga said that the Ministry is strengthening the supervision and inspection functions to ensure that disciplinary processes and investigations after interdictions are dealt with promptly by responsible officers.

“Police is urged to conclude investigations and submit reports in time; the responsible officers must follow up with police on cases regarding officers under their jurisdiction to ensure that they are expeditiously concluded,” he added.

The Minister additionally stated that the officers who were still under investigation cannot have their interdiction automatically lifted because of a delay in the courts of law.

Victoria University

The MPs said that the Minister’s statement had failed to explain why there were public servants still on interdiction after six months without any investigations being conducted and concluded.

Wamakuyu said that Apollo Kazungu, Commissioner for Refugees and Godfrey Sasagah Wanzira, Director Citizenship and Immigration Control have been on interdiction since February 2018 yet the Inspectorate of Government concluded investigations against them.

“The Minister has come here and given us the regulation and the law instead of telling us what the status of these people is especially since they were investigated and cleared,” he said.

Hon. Asuman Basalirwa (Jeema, Bugiri Municipality) added that there were issues that still require a clear response from the Minister.

“Even if there is a court case, it is the responsibility of the interdicting officer to expedite this matter with the police within six months otherwise there will be adjournments leaving the officers on interdiction to suffer,” he said

Basalirwa noted the rules being applied on this matter by the Minister are subjective and selective against these officers.

Hon. Paul Mwiru, (FDC, Jinja East) said that the Minister needs to further investigate the public officers who have been on interdiction for so many years with pay and there is no hope to solve their situation.

“Some officers have been on interdiction for over five years yet they are still being subjected to pay, a cost being met by the taxpayer under unclear circumstances,” he added.

The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga said the two officers, Ssasaga and Kazungu had not had their matter investigated by the ministry or even taken to court.

“These people have been reporting to police for a year; they have not been charged by police or been to court so there has not been any follow up on the interdiction of this matter,” she said.

She added that the Minister had no clear explanation on the issue and instructed him to comply with the regulations of the Public Service and have the officers returned to work.



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