Nsamba: NRM caucus about police land given to Chinese

Patrick Nsamba

Hon. Patrick Nsamba (NRM, Kassanda North County), says these days he is not concerned much about whether he is invited for the caucus or not.

He was appearing on NBS television Tuesday morning after President Museveni summoned members of the NRM parliamentary caucus to state house, Entebbe for a meeting to discuss his 2021 bid and the party’s election road-map.

“…because even when we meet to discuss something, you are not given chance within the caucus. Yesterday’s caucus was not about the roadmap, that was just a cover up,” Nsamba said.

He said the issue was that the President wants the 60 acres of Nsambya police land given to a Chinese investor to construct a forensic laboratory.

“I am happy I didn’t go to the caucus because if I did, I would have questioned this (giving land to a Chinese investor) and the President would not want that.”

Victoria University

According to Nsamba, the roadmap was released earlier by the Secretary General, if they really wanted MPs’ input in the roadmap, they would have invited them before it was released to the public.

Makerere crisis

Nsamba said the problem in Makerere came during the times of Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba when they started opening up the university administration and decision making body to people who were less concerned about the academic excellence of the university.

“When you have the University Council headed by people who are not academicians, you are headed for trouble.”

Appearing on the same TV, Makerere University don Mwambusya Ndebesa said this was basically an issue of relationships and mutual respect for each other.

The Vice Chancellors’ office should be respected and MUASA offices should be respected as well, Ndebesa noted.

“Makerere is a centre of intellectual capacity people but I think there is need for people to realize there other forms of intelligence like relational intelligence which Makerere people have to learn.”



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