Police says tricycle bikes not idle, being branded

Uganda police tricycles

Police has refuted the allegations in the media, indicating that the police tricycle bikes are lying idle and getting wasted at the Directorate of Logistics and engineering warehouse in Namanve.

“We want to inform the public the fleet is being reorganized for better deployment,” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, told media at Central Police Station in Kampala on Monday.

He said it was indicated during the launch in 2017 that the tricycle bikes were designed for patrols where users consequently jump in and out of the vehicles.

They possess features that offer better stability, can travel in reverse and turn a very light radius, carry three people and can be used in high profile urban and rural settings where larger vehicles cannot manoeuvre.

Plans to fix sirens are underway. So far a total of 13 have been deployed as follows:

Police Headquarters Cantonment [03] Counter Terrorism Headquarters [02], Katonga integrated highway [02], Bushenyi Traffic Office [01], Sheema Traffic Office [01], Magamaga integrated highway [01], CPS integrated highway [01].

They have been branded and marked for better micro management and to ensure the respective units are getting the correct utilization of the fleet.

“We are receiving reports of increased visibility and versatility to community policing and patrols programs in the deployed areas.”

The remaining 87 tricycle bikes are being branded as well for distribution.

“We call upon the public to alert management if they see any patrol units being operated in an unsafe manner or doing something illegal,” Enanga noted.




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