Museveni in Arusha, Kagame to take over EAC chair

Museveni, Magufuli and Kagame

President Yoweri Museveni has arrived in Arusha, Tanzania Friday morning February 1, 2019 for the 20th Ordinary Summit of East African Community Heads of State.

“We shall discuss an array of issues, all meant to enhance economic, social and political integration of the EA community,” Museveni said on arrival.

Earlier, Rwanda President Kagame arrived for the summit in which Rwanda will take over chairmanship of EAC.

Museveni arriving in Tanzania

Four Heads of State; President John Magufuli for Tanzania, Museveni for Uganda, Uhuru Kenyatta for Kenya and Paul Kagame for Rwanda as well as and two representatives of Governments; Gaston Sindimwo 1st Vice-president of Burundi and Dr Moses Hassen, the Minister of trade South Sudan, are present.

The meeting of the presidents of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan, is to be held in northern Tanzanian city of Arusha, where the EAC Secretariat is headquartered.

The summit has aborted twice — the first on November 30 when Burundi pulled out forcing its cancellation and a subsequent meeting planned for December 27 failing to take place.

The agenda will be that of November 30, 2018. Burundi/Rwanda relations are not on the agenda.

Some of the items on the agenda include; non-tariff barriers, the progress report on the adoption of Political Confederation as a Transitional Model to the East African Political Federation, the roadmap for the accelerated integration of the Republic of South Sudan into the EAC and the verification exercise for the admission of the Republic of Somalia into the Community.



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