URA arrests Vietnamese smuggling ivory, pangolin scales 

URA official checks out the smuggled ivory

Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] has impounded three trucks full of ivory and pangolin scales at Elegu One stop Border Post.

URA officials from the Anti-Smuggling Unit arrested two Vietnamese nationals on the scene, thanks to the non-intrusive cargo inspection scanner.

The trucks were brought to Kampala and are now at Nakawa URA headquarters.

Over 2,000 pieces of ivory and Pangolin scales packed in three containers were concealed in logs of wood and wax under transit from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Asia.

Vietnamese nationals
Victoria University

“This was a meticulous concealment with ivory melted to appear like candle wax,” the tax body said.

URA says elephants are one of the most poached mammals the world over for their tusks but Pangolins are coveted even more for their scales.

Poaching rackets are existent all over Africa but the Non-Intrusive Scanner at Elegu OSBP has blown the cover of the smugglers.

The Elegu One Stop Border Post (OSBP) was handed over to Uganda Revenue Authority for customs operation at the Nimule border with South Sudan in November 2018.




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