Muyingo tells Janet to whip parents as 42,334 fail S.4

First Lady Janet Museveni [Photo credit: Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

Education minister Janet Museveni says when results are released early, it enables the ministry to plan and concentrate on other activities such as selections.

Janet says it also enables parents to prepare appropriately.

The First Lady was Thursday speaking at the release of 2018 Uganda Certificate of Education [UCE] or called  Senior Four [S.4] examination results at UBOS Conference Hall in Kampala.

Parents should endeavour to play their role in the education journey of their children, Janet noted.

She urges parents to endeavour to play their role in the education journey of their children.

Victoria University

Students fail S.4

The executive secretary of Uneb, Daniel Odongo said that out of the 330,721 candidates who sat for the exams, 288,387 passed in various divisions.

According to the results, 27,696 candidates passed in Division One, 52,706 in Division Two, 70,347 in Third Division while 137,058 passed in Fourth Division.

He said 42,334 students failed to attain any grade and are supposed to repeat senior four.

She also notes that teachers teach theoretically and candidates go into examination rooms without confidence.

Uganda National Examinations Board [Uneb] withheld results of 1,825 candidates over malpractice.

In her speech, Janet said exam malpractice has dropped to 60%. “But we believe that teachers cannot aid malpractice with the head teacher not being an accomplice.”

Social media and irresponsible parents

The Minister of State for Higher Education Chrysostom Muyingo asked Janet to whip if necessary and tackle the mistaken belief that good results are a preserve of a few schools.

He also wants Janet to handle irresponsible use of social media platforms especially Facebook and WhatsApp and irresponsible parents.

Muyingo said good results come from hard work, “we encourage people especially our children to work hard, these things of my father is a chief don’t work here. Be responsible youths on social media”.

In the education sector, Muyingo said he noticed that where the parents actively participate in the education of their children, results are visible but if they stay back, things aren’t good.

“It’s too early to abandon children at this level. I know the performance would have been much better if parents played their role in the education of their children.”



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