Uhuru, Somali PM vow to end terrorism

Kenyatta and Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire at State House

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta Tuesday hosted the Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire at State House, Nairobi.

Khaire delivered a message of goodwill and condolence from President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed following the Riverside Drive terrorist attack. Kenyatta said the two countries will continue to work together in the fight against terrorism.

“I am happy that Somalia is on a positive trajectory- economically, socially, and in its relations with global partners.”

He said this is proof that Kenya’s efforts to restore peace in the country are bearing fruits.

Kenya remains steadfast in supporting the reconstruction of Somalia, Kenyatta said.

War on corruption

Earlier, Kenyatta promised he would turn the tide in the War Against Corruption; creating the platform for victory against a vice that has impeded social and economic development of Kenya.

“Since mid-1990s, we have taken steps to kill this monster and we have made some progress in that direction. We must however admit that the Corruption monster is still alive and remains the single biggest challenge facing our Nation today.”

He said like a Cancer, it has spread throughout the entirety of the national life and permeated every aspect of way of life.

“My Administration has continued to engage our international partners in Mutual Legal Assistance actions.”

He said there will be increased repatriation of proceeds of crime held outside the country; extradition of suspects; and the receipt of key evidence to support both local and international based cases.

“The fight against this monster requires all of us to work together in one common accord. A battalion of 45 Million Strong that makes us one indivisible nation of one people.”

Similarly, all arms of Government must work together to eliminate this vice, Kenyatta noted, calling upon courts to stop the practice of issuing injunctions against investigation of corrupt activities.

“Issuing these orders makes it easier for the Mandarins of Corruption to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses.”




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