MPs reject bill to weed out fake extortionist pastors

Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe

Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe (Manjiya) on Wednesday sought leave of Parliament to introduce a private member’s bill entitled ‘The Religious Organizations Bill 2019’.

The bill seeks to provide a legal framework for registration, regulation and management of religious organizations.

Hon Nambeshe says the proposed Religious Organisations Bill doesn’t contradict with constitutional provisions on freedom of worship.

A section of MPs, in response, rejected the request of Parliament to grant Hon Nambeshe leave to introduce the bill aimed at regulating religious organizations.

Members say matters of religion will be tricky to regulate.

Hon Gaster Mugoya Kyawa
Victoria University

But Hon Gaster Mugoya Kyawa (Bukooli), says the proposed Religious Organization Bill will help to regulate “fake” religious leaders who among other crimes extort money from believers.

The house chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga instead differed the motion to another appropriate time.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Uganda Constitution, but religions are expected to be registered with the government.

The Catholic Church, the Church of Uganda, the Eastern Orthodox Church in Uganda, and the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council are registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act.



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