Congo calls UN as FDLR rebels join Nyamwasa to attack Rwanda

Leila Zerrougui at her first press conference Wednesday

Congo government has asked United Nations Organisation for the Stabilisation Mission in the DR Congo [MONUSCO] to prevent the movement of Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) rebels to South Kivu.

According to intelligence, FDLR troops are moving from Masese in North Kivu to South Kivu to join South Africa based Rwandan dissident Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress [RNC] rebels to launch attacks on Rwanda.

Leila Zerrougui, the UN special representative in DRC at her first press conference of 2019 held this Wednesday, January 30, reaffirmed the support of the United Nations to the priorities of the new DRC government.

She said that UN will continue to talk to FDLR to put down their weapons

“We can’t attack FDLR rebels because those moving are doing so with their families,” Zerrougui explained.

Victoria University

Zerrougui also said that they received Congo’s request on 18 of January before the announcement of the election results.

“Yesterday I met the new President of the Republic and I assured him the accompaniment of the MONUSCO. MONUSCO continues to take a look at the political situation of the country and its mission good offices.”

Zerrougui confirmed they would work in collaboration with the government in the fight against negative forces.

“What happened in Yumbi was an unbelievable violence. We want to accompany the process of returning populations.”

She explained the genesis of the clashes of Yumbi saying UN has deployed militaries to facilitate the return of the displaced.

“The technical visit of the Security Council is in the context of the collection of information in order to identify the priorities of the next mandate of the #MONUSCO.”

Repatriation of rebels

Journalists asked Zerrougui to speak on the issue of repatriation of armed groups and their dependents.

She said there are still armed FDLR groups in DRC not repatriated.

“We are working to clean up relations between countries so that armed groups can not harm the countries.”

This comes shortly after Congo authorities repatriated two Rwandan rebel chiefs who were arrested while returning from a trip in Tanzania through Uganda’s Kisoro district.

FDLR spokesman Laforge Fils Bazeye was reportedly taken from a Congo jail by Rwandan agents.


On the initiative of the MONUSCO-Beni Justice Support Section, a discussion and sensitisation session for the judiciary on the consideration of the risks of Ebola virus disease was held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, in the courtroom of the courthouse of the tribunal de grande Instance of Beni.

The judicial staff is, in fact, in regular contact with the judiciables all day long and the prisoners during the sessions of hearings, hearings and inspections.

Dr. Ibrahim Cissé and his Ebola response team, for more than 2 hours, explained to the audience the nature of the virus, its modes of contamination and the precautions to be taken daily in the palace of justice only on places detention.

At the end of the session, the organizers distributed informational materials to the audience with the promise of providing the court with basic health and safety equipment to minimize the risk of harm to catch the disease.



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