Critics want Museveni powers checked like in America

Nanfuka Mary Anne Kasule

Opposition Chief Whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says Uganda has a lot to learn from America.

The Kira Municipality MP who was appearing on “The Capital Gang”, a political talk show hosted by Capital FM every Saturday, said the Americans are more selfish when it comes to their political parties.

“The advantage the Americans have is, even if you have a mad man, he will still respect institution,” Nganda explained.

“If you can’t meet people’s expectations lower them. My house has now become an economic indicator. All the micro economic indicators have changed.”

Nganda said by 1962, Uganda was at the same level with South Korea, noting that former President Idi Amin used to collect food to donate to Dubai.

Victoria University

“I mean President Museveni is not telling us where we are going but keeps reminding us of the past. I am still writing a poem that starts Dear NRM, you came very poor and came rich.”

Nanfuka wants Museveni powers checked

Nanfuka Mary Anne Kasule, a lawyer and advocate, on her part said America has been the champions of democracy but “what we see now is the democracy they built for so many years tested”.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

“What happened for the last 35 days shows what would happen if one man is allowed to have his way,” asked Nanfuka, a lead tax consultant.

She said checks and balances they have are supposed to check the powers of the president.

“I thank people like Nancy who stood their ground despite the humiliation.”

She said the success story of Universal Primary School [UPE], is a book that is being launched today and they are whipping private schools in the back.

“If a child comes from village where he has to do chores before school and those from these Kampala schools cannot be weighed on the grade scale.”

“We are lazy parents. We have to do better than that. Right now we are pursuing knowledge based education when we can get it from smartphones and other available sources.”

According to Nanfuka, everyone is now tired, “you will find NRM occasions are attended by NRM officials and villagers. They have done the bare minimum to keep us healthy and all that but there is nothing to celebrate”.

She added: “It is high time we stopped thinking about bare minimum. The person you are giving a bad education will be your future doctor.”



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