Prof Nawangwe has become a dictator, writes Nyanjura

Nyanjura Doreen

By Doreen Nyanjura

I welcome you back for the final semester of academic year 2018/2019.

You have reported at a time when the University is under assault by a Junta-style and high handed administrative approach characterised by indefinite suspension of students and staff, who dared to speak up on management and other issues afflicting Makerere University.

The Oppressive and dictatorial tendencies have prompted a sit down strike by the administrative and academic staff.

Prof. Nawangwe is relentlessly pursuing a policy of erosion of independence at the University by way of suspension or expulsion of students and staffs that think and reason differently; weakening students and staff associations; and compromising mechanisms through which students and staff can seek redress.

Victoria University

The behaviour of the Vice Chancellor fundamentally undermines the core role of a university that partly includes incubation of ideas that can facilitate rational criticism of University policies.

However, I implore you to neither be cowed nor silenced by his unconstitutional manoeuvres. Regardless of the intimidation some of you are likely to face from various University and State actors, I encourage you to resolutely exercise your constitutional right to stand up against injustice and hold leaders of the University accountable for their actions.

I particularly encourage students to focus on academics but to also actively participate in designing and executing solutions to the multitude of problems affecting our university and country – which is the highest form of patriotism. Uganda looks up to you for inspiration.

As your representative, I will continue to offer you my support as you execute your duties both as students of the University, and as citizens of Uganda.

Good luck!

Nyanjura Doreen,

LC5 Woman Councillor MAK



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