Mao says DP bloc will finally oust Museveni

DP bloc members addressing press in Kampala

Democratic Party Uganda [DP] says it is overwhelmed by the warm reception the announcement of the DP bloc has received.

The nucleus of the bloc comprising DP, SDP and PDP is determined to pull together and build consensus towards a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) bringing together all the democracy seeking forces in Uganda.

Norbert Mao, DP President General, said a unified front is what Ugandans desire and that is what this DP bloc is about.

“Many have talked about unity but we have decided that we have talked enough. Work must begin to put together the building blocks of the united front,” Mao told press in Kampala on Tuesday.

This unity will not be personality driven. It will be agenda driven. This unity will be driven by a people centred agenda whose focus is rescuing a captured State.

Victoria University

“It is also ensuring that we have a security apparatus subservient to civilian authority, a reconciled and genuinely united country organized as federal units and an inclusive economy which works for all citizens.”

“Today we announce yet another set of ideas that will make our bloc and the eventual SPV a more viable vehicle for change, a real alternative to the failing NRM regime and a trusted Transitional Government capable of giving hope to our people and laying the foundations for national renewal.”

Last year the DP National Executive Committee commissioned a research to determine the positioning and the potential of the key organizations among the democracy seeking forces.

Various focus groups were held to make this assessment. DP team also examined and studied changing trends in the political allegiance of voters particularly from May 2018 when we launched the Reunion Caravan.

“Today we share our findings based on scientific projections. According to these findings we believe that the united front should optimally deploy the human, political and financial resources at its disposal based on regional and sub-regional targeting.”

He added: “We call this Strategy the One-To-One Strategy. One candidate from the SPV facing the NRM at all levels up to the presidency”.

Mao said they expect that this novel idea which has worked elsewhere to oust dictatorships will be debated soberly and without prejudice.

“We believe that if we are to get where we have never been before, we should take a path we have never taken before, we should change the way we think and we should learn new things and even unlearn certain things.”

Mr. Henry Lubowa who is a key member of the PAC and a lead member of DP Technical Team will present the images that capture the proposal for a regionally focused strategic targeting plan that will minimize the destructive attrition in DP ranks and leverage resources for maximum electoral and political success.

“As a primer, I am pleased to announce that we are also working on a framework for the SPV which we shall unveil next week. We call upon all Ugandans to support these efforts at building a genuine alternative to a failing regime.”



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