Infertile chief finds wife pregnant, hangs self  


Ronald Mutaka, a Parish Chief of Kigalama Parish Namutumba Sub-county in Namutumba district, has hanged himself after finding his wife pregnant.

Family members told Daily Monitor that Mutaka was told by doctors that he would never father a child following a family planning procedure.

Rogers Mutaka told Monitor his brother visited specialists who told him he would never have children because during his youthful days.

He chose a family planning method that necessitated cutting his male tubes.

Rogers said he agreed with the deceased Tuesday night to see a witchdoctor who would help.

Victoria University

Unfortunately, on Wednesday morning, the chief was found hanging on a mango tree behind his house.

The family suspects he took his life after finding out that his wife was pregnant.

The deceased had endured life without a child for the past 15 years of marriage. The body was taken the body to Iganga hospital.

His wife had threatened divorce if he failed to impregnate her this year.



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