Police dismisses fake terror threat on Kampala

Police PRO Fred Enanga

Uganda police has expressed concern over falsified terror alerts, warning of a terrorist attack, two weeks from the Nairobi incidents of 15th January, 2019; that is being spread on various social media platforms.

Another version is of a woman called “Violet Kemunto alias Khadija” who is claimed to be armed, dangerous, ruthless, kills without mercy, assembles bombs, strips and constructs weapons of war; and is wanted by the Kenyan Police.

It is alleged that her last phone records were tracked in the direction of Uganda.

The document that is not official, has Kenyan emergency lines and warns of potential attacks on soft targets in Katwe.

“We want the police to disregard such fake terror alerts, which are meant to give credit and publicity to terrorists,” police spokesperson, CP Enanga Fred, told press in Kampala on Monday.


He said the country has no specific threats, although the police and sister security agencies continue to actively monitor and share information with the Regional Counterparts.

We also want to add that no section of the public have come under increased scrutiny as alleged of arrests in Kisenyi.”

He said the police will only release information including terror alerts upon accurate and honest acknowledgement of any real threats.

“The public is asked to go about their business normally without any fear.”



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