Mukula, Uhuru, Raila in Kisumu for Odhiambo burial  

Kenyatta, Odinga and Mukula in Kisumu

Mike Mukula, the National Vice Chairman NRM Eastern and Chairman Pan African Movement, is currently in Kisumu Kenya for several events.

Mukula was photographed on Saturday afternoon at Kisumu International Airport with Kenya President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Rt Hon Raila Odinga.

On Friday, Odinga landed in Kisumu to flag off the commencement of the Lake Victoria Maritime Transport and Services Project at the Kisumu Port.

Odinga and Mukula met maritime transport stakeholders at Grand Royal Swiss ahead of the official flagging off of the 4000 tonnes dredger from Mango Tree Group to be used in opening up water transport in the region.

Odinga said the launch of a project that will revitalize Lake Victoria for optimisation of the blue economy.

Raila in Kisumu
Victoria University

“Dredging and the removal of hyacinth are part of the transformation of lake-related activities, which includes the construction of a new port.”

On Saturday, Mukula said they were in Koru, Muhoroni Nyanza Province of Kenya for the funeral of Bruce Dominic Odhiambo Were.

“We flew to Koru in a helicopter for the funeral of the late Bruce Odhiambo,” Mukula said.

State House Kenya confirmed that Kenyatta had arrived at Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School in Koru, Kisumu County with opposition figure Odinga for the funeral of the late Odhiambo.


Odhiambo battled with his illness long, stoically and with remarkable bravery. He will be laid to rest on 19th January in Koru.

Former Youth Enterprise Fund chairman and renowned music producer Bruce Odhiambo died on January 8, 2019 at Nairobi Hospital after developing heart related complications.

To President Uhuru Kenyatta, he is the go-to guy and a close friend.

To artistes, he is “Brother B” — a mentor and skilled producer, and his Johari Cleff studios is a melting pot of creativity.

And to hundreds of disadvantaged people, he is a philanthropist who believes in the biblical advice that the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing.

To those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, he is the talented musician who played with the legendary Mombasa-based Safari Sound Band and the Spartans.

Bruce was one of the actors in the star-studded controversial Kenyan movie Project Daddy.

In the movie, a woman is on the prowl for a man to father her child in a no-frills relationship of convenience.

The hunt zeroes in on, among others, the towering figure of Bruce Odhiambo.

Bruce was at the centre of the Sh180m Youth Enterprise Fund scandal. Bruce in an email to a media house, Royal Media Services, said he was “stepping down to allow investigations to continue.”



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