Heat on promoter Kibuuka, Bebe Cool over Shs1bn

Andrew Benon Kibuuka

Andrew Benon Kibuuka, the president of the Uganda National Performing Arts Association, has denied receiving and pocketing about Shs1bn donated by President Museveni.

Kibuuka distanced himself from promoters’ money while addressing press in Kampala on Friday.

Promoters were given Shs1bn by president Museveni which many believe was picked on their behalf by Kibuuka and later disappeared to God knows where.

Kibuuka told press that it was actually Gagamel big boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool who got Shs400m from the President.

“I never went there [State House] to pick the billions the public is telling me.”

He claims the Shs400m Bebe Cool took was meant for artists. He told press that he has never seen the money.

“Whoever has evidence that I signed for that money, let them bring it forward,” Kibuuka noted.

“The promoters I know are not even more than 20. Each would have got Shs50m on average. Do you think a Ugandan would keep quiet if you had his Shs50m? If people can kill for Shs1m, how about that?”

He added: “I am a parent and a grandparent. It hurts that my children hear that I stole money.”

Bebe Cool speaks

Bebe Cool in response gave musicians 24 hours to speak out on the Shs400m he got from State House or he exposes them.

In 2015, Bebe Cool received Shs400m from President Museveni which he shared with 20 musicians who took part in “Tubonga Naawe” project.

He was shocked that the same musicians are denying ever receiving the money.

Bebe Cool reportedly recorded all of them on camera receiving the money.

“I am giving all these musicians 24 hours to come out and tell the public that I gave them the money,” he said while appearing on Sanyuka TV.

“If they refuse, then am going to release the video clips because I recorded whoever I gave the money.”

He added: “If they don’t come out to clear my name, then I will shame all of them.”



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