Authentic Cranes jerseys are simply priceless


By FUFA Communications Manager Ahmed Hussein

I will drive slightly my energies this week on the beauty of purchasing and wearing an authentic sports gear-in this case the much cherished Uganda Cranes jersey.

However, first I will drop a line on how the public is being derailed to believe that world over domestic football is firmly in the hands of clubs. Unfortunately that’s not true. Football Associations-in this case FUFA always gets at the forefront to guide and not dictate on how clubs should run their businesses. It is a mindset that will change gradually. Club football is not about an individual’s money but structures. All clubs are allowed to run their businesses freely. However clubs like KCCA FC and Vipers SC have embraced the FUFA Clubs Pro Agenda with success stories to talk about.

FUFA is the sole owner of the Uganda Cranes jersey. Under the Trademarks Act 2010, the federation managed to register its trademarks; FUFA Logo, Federation of Uganda Football Associations and its abbreviation FUFA. The local football clubs have also been encouraged to do so with their trademarks to avoid any future infringements on their logos.

It is illegal for an individual or company to trade using FUFA’s registered trademarks as mentioned without prior permission from the owner for commercial gains. In a bid to protect the Uganda Cranes jersey, FUFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a reputable kit manufacturer Mafro. They are the sole producers of the Uganda Cranes jerseys. The 8 Main Regional distributors will deal with the sales agents across the country from respective regions to help in selling the jersey. It is paramount for a football fan to know that loyalties from the sales of the Uganda Cranes jerseys will be passed on to the eight (8) Regional Football Associations. This requires for policing by both the football officials, distributors and sales agents at regional level.

There’s no better way to show off your loyalty by wearing an authentic Uganda Cranes jersey that brings you respect and passion for your beloved country. Authentic jerseys are simply priceless. It goes without saying that when you buy an authentic Uganda Cranes soccer jersey, you’re getting something special. Signed or not, the authentic Uganda Cranes jerseys are valuable pieces of wearable history that you will treasure for a lifetime.

However it all starts with the desire to know what one would like to buy. It calls for taste, fashion, passion and the satisfaction derived from wearing the Uganda Cranes jersey.

But why do fans sometimes find themselves buying counterfeit National team jerseys?

I have said it before, and I will say it again (it should be number one among them): in reasons why you should buy authentic soccer jerseys, showcasing your team respect outweighs them all.  Two values are attached to the Uganda Cranes jersey and why you should buy it; The shirt itself and then the FUFA logo embroidered on it hence making it a valuable item.

They may be far from inexpensive, but what the authentic jersey holds in personal value outweighs all other opinions under this conundrum: replica or authentic? The latter is probably something you would much rather not wear, possibly other than for soccer games.

FUFA has finalised plans to stock the FUFA sports shop in Mengo with jerseys bearing names of the past and current generation of Uganda Cranes players. Imagine a fan purchasing a Uganda Cranes jersey with customised names of Majid Musisi, Jackson Mayanja, Denis Onyango, Hakim Magumba, Philip Omondi, Geoffrey Massa, Jimmy Kirunda and many others.

That’s a true fan of the sport and the player himself, knows the ownership of such a jersey is the best way to prove their value to the public.

As FUFA continues to sensitise the football family and other stakeholders on the values of purchasing the authentic Uganda Cranes jerseys from designated selling centres, it is a humble appeal for all to support the cause that will take the football industry to another level.



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