Congo crisis: Kabila tells Kagame he cannot travel

Kabila and Kagame

Rwanda President Kagame and current Chair of the African Union arrived in Addis Ababa Thursday and chaired the High Level Consultation Meeting of Heads of State on the situation in DR Congo.

Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu went to the Constitutional Court because Félix Tshisekedi became the new Congolese president.

According to Fayulu, the profits of Tshisekedi are the result of a backroom policy between current president Kabila and Tshisekedi.

“One way of preventing it, I thought, was also to have this meeting,” Kagame told the heads of state in Addis Ababa.

Kagame said in arranging for the meeting, he also contacted the President of DRC, President Joseph Kabila, “in fact I extended the invitation to him as well”.

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“He [Kabila] told me he had wished to participate but because of that exact situation he may not be able to travel,” Kagame told the meeting.

“He promised me to send a delegation to participate in this discussion and maybe also give us a picture of what the situation is and what maybe they would be expecting us to do in support of what they are trying to achieve.”

Kagame said it was necessary to have the consultative meeting of leaders so that they pay attention to the situation in one of the countries which is on the continent.

The people and the leaders of that country are expecting that neighbours and other countries on our continent will express solidarity with them and work with them towards resolution of the problem faced in DRC, he noted.

“Recently, there were elections in that country. Be it the time before that election took place, during the time it was taking place and after, there have been challenges that even the people and the leaders of Congo accept would not be left just to themselves.”

Kagame said he consulted with the Chairperson of the AU Commission and most especially some leaders of the continent, many of them neighbours of Congo, others having other important reasons they would be associated with this process and discussion.

“It occurred to us during that consultation that if we met as we are here, we could probably find some common way of understanding what this problem is.”

He added: “That would give us the possibility of being useful and supportive of the resolution to the challenges faced in that country, DRC.”

Kagame thanked the leaders of SADC who he contacted and whom he knew were already undertaking some efforts to also deal with that problem and they agreed that together with other leaders of other regions here present, we could bring those efforts together.

“When we have not come together like this to find solutions to our problems, our continent’s problems, it’s one way of inviting outsiders, people outside of our continent, to meddle and be the ones to get busy with us trying to find solutions for us.”



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