Zari not my level, Bad Black returning to Kampala

Bad Black

Former jailbird, city socialite and faded musician Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Snail Baby says she is ready to return to Kampala after selling her punani for some time in the Middle East.

The socialite says she is finally out of the ‘hodulopu’ and back in town. She also has a second baby on the way.

“Let them follow me and see what I do,” she said when asked what she expects to accomplish on return to Uganda from Dubai where she has been selling herself.

On whether she is on socialite Zari Hassan’s level, Black said that is obvious and there is no need to say more about it.

“I am a hustler, she [Zari] is marriage material,” she told NBS “Uncut”.

Asked on the trending “Hodulopu” [wardrobe] remark, Black said she doesn’t know English but is just trying.

“I never went to school, am trying because my son is white.”

Black came to fame by fleecing a rich white businessman Greenhag who was buying sex from her. They even have a child together.

“I don’t understand Ugandans. Instead of correcting me, they are just laughing at me,” Black complained for being laughed at over “hodulopu” remark.

Last month, Black complained on social media that men have failed to make her cum since 2016.

She reached out to women who have real strong men to lend them to her so she can reach sexual orgasm.

She later posted another video praising a client who finally made her cum and actually went overboard and “licked her dry”.



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