Bobi Wine is a boy, Bad Black tells Museveni to rule forever

Socialite Bad Black

Former jailbird, city socialite and faded musician Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Snail Baby has apologised for insulting the president and has made it clear that she supports the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] not ‘People Power’.

“I apologise to Museveni, you know, poverty in this country can force you support People Power, but after getting the money you want, you start craving for Museveni to rule until he dies,”

“I want to apologise to President Museveni for the video where I abused him. I’m asking for forgiveness.”

She went on: “I had influence of people power. Its poverty that can make you join people power or opposition. When you get money, you realise its only Museveni who can lead Uganda.”

Black has been in Dubai in the Middle East selling herself to rich men and making a living.

She is ready to come back home and reassert her presence on the Kampala social scene.

Black told NBS “Uncut” that she has a second baby on the way.

Black claims to have been given some little money to join Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s “people power movement”.

“They gave me some little money to join Bobi Wine. He [Bobi Wine] can’t lead Uganda. He is just a young boy. I don’t support him.”

She went on: “I support NRM. I support president Museveni and the Ugandan government.”

Black said no one will intimidate her because she was born in Kawempe.

“I’m an ex-convict in Uganda but my case was not a political one. I have been in Dubai looking for money. Whoever has a case against me can take me to court. I don’t even have a lawyer now but I will get one.”

The hustler

At the close of last year, Black complained on social media that men have failed to make her cum since 2016.

Black says she has sold herself to men of all colour in Dubai including Chinese.

Early last year, Bad Black filmed herself having sex with her latest boyfriend on snap chat while in Thailand.

In 2016 after leaving Luzira Prison, she has struggled to be on the social scene. She had lost all her money and property to fraud cases.

In April 2018, Galaxy FM quoted Black saying she was tired of selling herself and would do anything to sleep with Rwandan RnB artiste Meddy of “slowly”.

The socialite came to fame by fleecing a rich white businessman Greenhag who was buying sex from her only to end up in prison for four years.

Black later fled to Middle East, bleached her skin to the point of nearly looking white and allegedly started selling sex to rich Arabs.



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