Jose Chameleone V8 stirs anger in Juba

Chameleone and Achai Wiir [right with red hair] at Freedom Hall in Juba

Serious debate is currently raging in the South Sudan capital Juba concerning a car Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone was gifted at the close of last year.

Chameleone performed at Secret Corner on December 28, Basketball Stadium on December 29 and on December 30, 2018, he performed at Freedom Hall.

On the same night, South Sudan businesswoman, Achai Wiir, hosted Miss “Achai Wiir Beauty Contest” where she gifted Chameleone a brand new Toyota V8.

Achai who is known for her kindness and generosity has been giving local musicians in Juba vehicles as gifts. has learnt that the car has sparked a debate on social media.

Chameleone’s car
Victoria University

Many South Sudanese are angry that Chameleone was given a car worth over $60,000 while the winning model of the contest was given Toyota Premio costing $3,000.

Jeena Flika real names Amou Manut, was crowned Miss Achai Wiir beauty queen for the year 2018-2019.

Flika walked away with a brand new car at the event solely sponsored by Achai to promote peace.

South Sudanese believe Flika should have been gifted the V8 since she is now the face of the biggest event that closed the year.

Flika’s premio

“People say it’s a bad thing to overlook and neglect our artists and award a foreign artist with such a big gift,” a source told

Chameleone was also paid $16,000 for all the three shows and on top of that, gifted a car, which South Sudan revellers claim was “too much”.

Chameleone who composed a song for Achai even declared South Sudan his second home.



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