UCC hunts blogger infamous for fake news


Uganda Communications Commission is on the tail of a social media blogger Drake Lukunge Matovu accused of publishing and circulating fake news.

“UCC has observed an increase in the incidences of fake publications on the digital platforms and a one Drake Lukunge Matovu deliberately posted unverified content to misinform and mislead the public,” the regulator said in a statement.

“We take exception to such criminality and culprits will be prosecuted,” UCC added, identifying the page as “Media Vision Uganda” which has since shut down.

Also known as Matoo Drake, the blogger who is currently on the run, is accused of publishing information he could not verify to the authorities.

The regulator termed as computer misuse the act of creating, publishing and distributing fake news or stories.

Actions of releasing fake news may lead to possible inconvenience through denial of service under the Ugandan communicates act as well as prosecution, the regulator pointed out.

“The commission takes exception to this criminality and assures the public that culprits will be identified, and prosecuted in accordance with the law,” UCC said.



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