No one loves Museveni more than me– Besigye

I loved Museveni when he had nothing–Besigye


“I loved President Kaguta Museveni and even followed him to the bush when he had nothing,” opposition figure Kizza Besigye said on Monday.

“Those who like him now do so because he has something,” added the former FDC President while attending the burial of the late Stella Njuba in Nangabo, Wakiso district.

Besigye at the burial

“There is no one who loves Museveni or loves NRM more than me. That is why I followed him to the bush when he had nothing.”

Besigye said Gertrude Njuba, mother of the deceased, is one of those Museveni’s truest friends.

Victoria University

“Those who love him today love him because now he has something.”

Legacy tree

He also reminded people adhere to the two main commandments of honouring God “always and loving your neighbour as you love yourself, for those two commandments are what make humans act with fairness and promote Justice”.

Stella Njuba is daughter deceased veteran politician and Besigye’s friend Sam Njuba.

Muhinda said Besigye and FDC leaders planted a legacy tree in memory of Stella Njuba with the help of Sam Njuba’s heir Sam Njuba Jr.



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