Bobi Wine tells army Generals: yes, we want Museveni’s seat

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has appealed to army Generals not to view him as an adversary they have to fight at every turn.

“Let the generals know that we are not at war with them or even the President,” Bobi Wine said on Monday at the burial of Stella Njuba, the daughter of former FDC chairperson, Sam Kalega Njuba in Nangabo, Wakiso district.

He added: “Yes, we want that seat but not in bad faith.”

He was addressing UPDF Generals Elly Tumwine [security minister] and his predecessor Henry Tumukunde.

The two Generals were seen bursting into laughter as Bobi Wine spoke while the mourners cheered and ululated.

“Even Museveni who is charge of state house must know that we are not fighting a war. We are all Ugandans,” Bobi Wine noted.

Turning to Tumwine and Tumukunde, he said: “Now that you are here, I would like you to take a message to Museveni…tell him that we are not his enemies. We have no problem with him. Okay, we want that seat [presidency] but not in bad faith.”

The Generals chuckled again while mourners clapped and shouted in applause.

Tumwine at the close of last year, vowed to keep blocking Bobi Wine’s music concerts if he doesn’t drop the defiance attitude he allegedly inherited from opposition figure Kizza Besigye.

Tuliyambal engule

Bobi Wine’s message comes at a time his song “Tuliyambala Engule” [we will wear victor’s crowns] is the talk of the country.

Premiered at Enkuuka y’Omwaka in Lubiri palace on December 31, 2018, the song has since evoked emotions across the political and religious divide.

The song speaks of a new Uganda when Museveni has fallen out of power and there is no more corruption, segregation, nepotism, sick health sector or oppression.

On Monday evening, Bobi Wine shared a cover from super talented guitarist Nshuti Mbabazi who gave more colour to the highly political song.

Bobi qouted Plato who said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

“Let’s keep singing. Let’s keep the hope alive. Let’s keep imagining the Uganda we want. And yes, with hope, faith and hard work, God being our help, we shall get there. Thank you #Nshuti,” he wrote.

On Tuesday morning, Bobi further shared another cover for Tuliyambala Engule right from Bunyoro, by Smith Gunn which he called “moving and inspirational”.

“Listen to this and you will agree with me that we have great talent in our midst. I am so captivated by your cover bro. You capture the collective hopes and imaginations of our nation and our generation in every line,” he said.



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