Mwenda coaches Bebe Cool how to tame Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool and Mwenda

Senior journalist Andrew Mwenda has met with Gagamel big boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool on how to tame Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“The Old Man of the Clan held a conference with his grandson, Bebe Cool, discussing how to tame his other grandson, BobiWine, who has gone rogue,” Mwenda said in a short statement.

According to Mwenda, Bobi Wine is threatening to deliver fire and brimstone onto the clan.

“As the chair of the elders’ council of the clan I asked the young ones to meet and resolve this problem at the level of the youth council of the clan.”

He added: “We the elders will wait for the outcome and see what to do next.”

The two rivals met at Eddy Kenzo’s Serena hotel show over the weekend, shook hands and even hugged in the presence of Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga.

Mayiga too asked them to reconcile and stop the unnecessary fights.

But Bobi Wine later said his enemy is not Bebe Cool but President Museveni and that the oppressor was bent on dividing Ugandans so as to rule them forever.

Bobi heads to UK

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine has been invited to a session of the UK parliament which will be discussing the declining state of democracy in Uganda Tuesday January 8, 2019.

UK Member of Parliament for Stockton South Paul Williams said they will be debating means to see a strong and prosperous, independent Uganda with strong democratic institutions.

“I am interested in the future of Uganda. In Bobi Wine, I see a person who has a good understanding of poverty, inequality and he has a good vision for the future.”

Bobi Wine’s political aide, Nicodemus Musoke, told Daily Monitor the MP is travelling to the UK.

Godfrey Ssekisonge and Belinda Atim, who are coordinating his travel, said the legislator will have a series of events in the UK beginning with the House of Commons, addressing guests at Oxford Union and Oxford University.

He will also have his private activities after a series of official events.

Musoke said after UK, Bobi Wine will tour the US before holding a music performance in Kingston, Jamaica.

Lawyer Andrew Karamagi who also communicates for Bobi Wine told that the singing politician was due to fly out any minute but was not sure of the exact time since he is out of the country.




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