Huge earthquake shakes Paidha, Maracha, Adjumani


Volcano Discovery has reported a 5.0 magnitude earthquake that shook three districts of West Nile in Uganda on Saturday January 5, 2019. is part of a private tour operator company, founded by Dr. Tom Pfeiffer back in 2004, which offers geologic-interest walking and study tours and expeditions to active volcanoes world-wide.

According to its report on earthquakes in the last 24 hours across the world, the 5.0 magnitude earthquake covered a range of 10 kilometres in West Nile.

Paidha Town / MMI III (Weak shaking)

It was just after supper when we were watching the Blackpool – Arsenal match when suddenly I heard the roof shaking and started feeling the chair was seated on also shaking, a resident reported to the site.

Victoria University

“The shaking was not much to cause us worries.”

Maracha District, Tara S/county / MMI V (Moderate shaking):

It was scary as everywhere it was shaking but it became interesting to hear out cry in da village as people were running out of huts shouting Jesus save us. No damages, another resident reported.

Adjumani / MMI IV (Light shaking)

A resident here reported a sudden and unexpected shake.

“The windows were rattling and I felt a sense of uncertainty but also excitement, I was worried about things falling and especially the kids sleeping.”

Other areas affected by the shaking are Arua town, Kihuuba village in Masindi and Gulu Town.

The volcano discovery also recorded similar light shaking at Kihuuba in Masindi district at 165.5 Km South East from the epicentre.



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