CIA ordered ISO to free me, says S.Sudan tycoon Malong

Malong [R] is a free man

Young South Sudan moneybags Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr claims the American Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is behind his release from a Ugandan prison.

Malong was arrested on November 16, 2018 by UPDF soldiers working for Internal Security Organisation [ISO] from his hotel room in Kabalagala, a Kampala suburb.

He was released on Thursday this week from an ISO detention without formal charges.

ISO Director General Kaka Bagyenda accuses Malong of fake gold transactions, defrauding foreigners, murder and money laundering.

He is further accused of illegal repatriation of South Sudan refugees back to Juba from Uganda and Kenya where they sought refuge.

Victoria University

Kaka said they confiscated Malong’s travel documents to keep him in Kampala until investigations into his criminal activities are complete.

Shortly after his release, Malong told Juba TV that he was never charged because he “is innocent”.

“The CIA called ISO for my release. ISO arrested me and investigated me about the source of my wealth,” he told Juba TV.

He added: “I told them [ISO] that Lual Malong Yor Jr. is a legal businessman with verified documents of business. I also told them that the source of business income is in Switzerland.”

He denied reports claiming his arrest was masterminded by South Sudan government’s security agents.

“The government of South Sudan has no clue relating to my arrest. Let us give peace a chance.”

“I was arrested by ISO who wanted to know the source of my income. I told them. CIA also appealed to them and that is why I was released,” Malong further told Juba TV.

Malong swimming in cash

Jesus is source of my wealth

Malong had earlier told Kenya’s citizen TV that his wealth comes through Jesus Christ.

“I got my wealth through Jesus because I am a Christian. Under the guidance of Jesus Christ and my belief in him, I get the strength of achieving my dreams. That is why I am rich today,” he told Citizen TV.

Before his arrest by the Ugandan spy agency, Malong Jr. bragged about living a very expensive lifestyle, including flying in a presidential jet and wearing a $10,000 pair of shoes.

Malong, who claims his wealth comes from Jesus, was in 2017 videotaped ‘swimming’ in dollars inside a hotel in Nairobi.

He was filmed himself lying on a bed covered in $100 bills; he claimed that there was $1m on the bed which, he said, was in a “presidential suite” in an undisclosed location.



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