Bebe Cool: I will sing for Bobi Wine if he becomes president

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool and MC Roger Mugisher at Serena Friday night

“I always sing for Presidents,” said Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool Thursday night while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme.

“If Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu becomes a President and he calls me to sing for him, I will present my bill before him. If he pays for it, I will perform for him.”

Bebe Cool clarified that Bobi Wine is not a Member of Parliament, it is Kyagulanyi who is an MP. The difference is he is using two faces to do two things at the same time.

“If I weigh the crying to the time of healing by all means, there is no way I would not know that this guy (Bobi Wine) was lying.”

He went on: “There is no way I’m going to let the guy(Bobi Wine) go because he has never let me go. He has been playing the game of public sympathy since we started music with Jose Chameleone and that is the same reason why musically, they went down.”

Bebe Cool said when he first sang “bamuwe ekisanja”, the president [Museveni] saw some effect of the music in politics.

“He kept me close as a “hi hi” guy. I knew it was going to divide my fans but I had no choice.”

Bebe said musicians thought of attracting attention, doing everything they could do that the responsible and right people pay attention too because once the Ugandans pay attention to their music, then people start paying attention to the musicians.

“You could never have an artiste in Uganda considered responsible, they are thought to be ‘bayaye’ so we thought of a way to make the responsible people notice us.”

He added: “We are not protected and respected as artistes, I knew I was going to divide my fans when I sing some political songs but I had to do it in order to be recognised.”

Bebe explained that Bobi has been his competitor and he knew there was an opportunity on the other side, he would have been foolish to sing for the president.

Bebe, Mayiga and Bobi

“I wake up hurt by people saying anything and everything the president hasn’t done. Why don’t we talk about the good the president has done, he liberated us.”

He went on: “With the pain we saw on TV and the information that came in during the Arua debacle, can you compare the pain on TV and the time of healing? If I weigh the time of healing, there’s no way a person with a mind would believe that!”

Charles Odongtho: Are you obsessed with him (Bobi Wine)?

Bebe Cool: No, on the contrary, he’s obsessed with me.

Odongtho: Is this whole thing personal?

Bebe Cool: Why did he choose opposition when there was a chance for us to sing for the president?

“I’m competing with Bobi Wine and not Kyagulanyi. I was happy for him becoming a politician because musically things weren’t going well for him and he’s a father. But again, that’s the enabling environment President Museveni has given us.”



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