Bobi Wine: Museveni time is up, we’re taking back country

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has responded to President Museveni’s New Year message in which he castigated political indiscipline of those who want to destabilise Uganda.

“In Luganda, for instance, there are the following words: Okuvuganya, Okurwaana, Okuremesa, Okutabura, Okuseketerera, Okusanyawoor Okutemura.  Okuvuganyais a peaceful way of putting forward alternative ideas about running society,” Museveni said.

He added: “If A has built 100 schools in the area, B can, without telling lies, truthfully say that, with better discipline and more frugality, he could have built 150.”

In response, Bobi Wine said: “Let me make it clear to the president, we are on the “Okuvuganya” (competition) it is constitutional and legal.”

He went on: “We are here to peacefully compete.”

Museveni had warned political actors that to behave in a double-faced way “where you have one leg in constitutional politics (Parliament, Municipality, District council) and another in un-constitutionalism (Okuremesa, Okuseketerera, Okutemura, etc.,)” cannot be allowed.

“Ugandan patriots have invested alot of energy in creating stability in Uganda.  Nobody will be allowed to destabilize this.  You heard how our economy is growing,” he noted.

The President said nobody should expect that he will tolerate anybody diverting the country with indiscipline verging on criminality.

Bobi Wine responds: “He (President Museveni) wants to brand us, hooligans and violent people.”

He emphasised: “We are not hooligans, we are not chaotic, we are not violent young people, we are confident young people that are standing up to take our country back.”

Bobi Wine said it is constitutional and legal to speak his mind. “I am a musician, that’s my constitutional right. Your time is up cause the youth are already preparing to contest against you President Museveni.”

He also responded to Pastor Martin Ssempa who accused him of distorting Christian heritage by politicising a gospel song in his new song “Tuliyambala Engule”.

That song (Engule) is supposed to re-emphasise confidence in the minds and hearts of all Ugandans, Bobi Wine explained.

“To make them know that the times we are going through are not easy but at the end of this struggle, after we win, we shall wear the victors’ crown.”

Ssempa had accused Bobi Wine of portraying himself as the new messiah who replaces Jesus Christ, the son of God.

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