You won’t destabilise Uganda, Museveni tells political actors

President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has warned political actors against trying to destabilise Uganda saying patriots have heavily invested in the country.

The President was Tuesday addressing the nation in a televised broadcast ending 2018 and ushering in the New Year 2019.

Playing on local verbs, Museveni emphasised Okuvuganya which he called a peaceful way of putting forward alternative ideas about running society.

“If A has built 100 schools in the area, B can, without telling lies, truthfully say that, with better discipline and more frugality, he could have built 150.”

Then the debate can go on peacefully until election time when the electorate can decide on the two options, he noted.

Victoria University

“However, to behave in a double-faced way where you have one leg in constitutional politics (Parliament, Municipality, District council) and another in un-constitutionalism (Okuremesa, Okuseketerera, Okutemura, etc.,) cannot be allowed.”

He said Ugandan patriots have invested alot of energy in creating stability in Uganda and nobody will be allowed to destabilize this.

“You heard how our economy is growing.  Nobody should expect that we shall tolerate anybody diverting the country with indiscipline verging on criminality.”


Museveni said youth are number two on his list and is very optimistic about their future.

“Why? It is because we have already laid quite a foundation for them. The youth of the NRM time were first ante-natally supported by attending to the health of the mother while still pregnant.”

“When the baby was born, we immunized the child.  That is how the population of Uganda jumped from 14 million to 40 million people today ─.”

He said projects have already started that can convert un-employed youth to job creators and property owners.

Through grants or low-cost revolving loans, these programmes will be expanded.  At the same time, the skilling of the youths in technical schools or through special courses, will continue.

These youths will be helped to produce goods and services for import substitution and export promotion in addition to the many internal distribution products and services they are already producing, Museveni said.

He directed NRM leaders to seek out youth and help them with advice wherever possible.

“Another advice to the youth is frugality. Do not be extravagant and showy.  Be frugal, simple and hardworking.  As a youth, I led my family and my area in modernization and wealth creation, away from the ancient traditional ways.”

He added: “This was on top of the political work we were engaged in. We never wasted money on alcohol, luxuries, reveling (ebinyumo)or foreign travel.  The youth who listen to our advice, will succeed.”


Museveni promised to upgrade the technological base of the country in the anti-crime fight.

Those upgrades are going on, he said, adding that nevertheless, even using the old Police methods of relying on public vigilance, quick response from the Police, proper management of the crime scene, etc., the Police force is already achieving success in dealing with the criminals.

“In my social-media message of 20th December, 2018, I gave some details. During the current festive season, the Police have told me that 23 offences were reported on Christmas day.”

There were 11 murders, one victim of mob justice, two incidents of murder by shooting, one suicide case, one defilement, one suicide by shooting, one attempted murder, one incident of accidental death by fire, one case of vandalizing Umeme cables by thieves, one case of kidnap but victim rescued and one case of arson.

On top of the vigilance of the public and the promptness of the Police, we shall have added the technological means we are developing. Crime will be defeated.



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