UPDF soldier shoots woman over Shs20k bribe


A UPDF soldier has been arrested for shooting a woman and her husband in a quarrel over Shs20,000 bribe from a charcoal dealer in Murchison Falls National Park.

Fatumah Alice Ajok, 37, is currently in Surgery Ward I at Lacor hospital in Gulu town after a soldier attached to the national army shot her five times.

Ajok told Daily Monitor the UPDF Sergeant was trying to kill her husband William Opiru on October 14, 2018.

Opiru and the Sergeant were deployed to protect Murchison Falls National Park where they met a driver who wanted to collect charcoal.

The soldier was on deployment at the unit as a back up to the few rangers at Teogelo Village in Lii Sub-county, Nwoya District.

Victoria University

The soldier reportedly approached Opiru, the head of the rangers unit, to seek permission for a truck to ferry charcoal that had been burnt inside the park.

The truck driver allegedly paid Opira Shs20,000 to grant his vehicle access. Opiru stayed with his wife at the unit the whole day. The soldier returned while drunk and demanded the money.

“When my husband gave him the Shs20,000, he then pounced on me and started hitting my back till I fell on the ground,” she told Monitor.

Opiru run to the soldier’s house and grabbed his gun. The soldier too run to a neighbour’s house and return with another gun.

Ajok grabbed the gun and in the struggle, the soldier shot her in the thighs.

Ajok, a resident of Koyo village, Purongo Sub-county in Nwoya District, was rushed to Gulu town in an ambulance of Aber Hospital in Oyam District.

The UPDF 4th Division spokesman, Maj Caesar Olweny, told Monitor the soldier was in their custody.



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