I left opposition for betraying silent majority- Kamya

Hon. Beti Kamya

Kampala minister Hon. Beti Kamya says Ugandans have failed to grow up, they are still locked up in their small tribes, politics and everything and it’s unfortunate.

Kenya has really grown faster in politics, they are accommodative and look beyond narrow politics, Kamya said Thursday night while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme.

“People think that if you are in opposition here, you have to die in it as if being in opposition is a destination, it bothers me.”

Kamya then asked FDC deputy president for eastern Hon. Salaamu Musumba who she betrayed to join the opposition.

Hon. Salaamu Musumba replies: I joined politics from Red Cross; I joined it from my job and on individual merit. I didn’t betray anyone.”

Victoria University

Kamya: People have been cheated and betrayed by FDC, that is why they leave. Is freedom of choice betrayal?

Kamya thinks that 2018 has had significant things that can be built on in 2019 like the infrastructure development.

“You will not see it happen overnight, with time you get to see a lot of jobs being taken up.”

She said the standard of life has improved, noting that these are not things that happen on their own but that there is an environment that is enabling them to.

“On the political front, we shall continue to see a lot of ping-pong especially as we move closer to 2021 but my observation, especially in Kampala, is that people really want peace to work.”

Kamya said the people of Kampala want to be given an environment where they can do their work and they will be given just that.

“Jennifer Musisi [former KCCA executive director] and I have been working together, we might have disagreed on a thing or two but we have been okay.”

On the political wing of KCCA, Kamya said its politics and people must be seen to work.

She said the technical people are just doing their job, they have no problem.

“The silent majority want a calm environment in which to work, the vibrant ones who are unfortunately not employed and have nothing to lose, the president is reaching out to them none the less.”

She called upon politicians especially colleagues in the opposition to slow down on being seen to be towing certain lines, saying certain things, or political correctness.

“The rest of the country is peaceful, okay doing their work and happy with the transformation especially with the infrastructure development.”

She said noise is here in Kampala and that the people of Uganda don’t need to be mobilised because they can mobilise themselves when they reach the tipping point.

“The opposition hasn’t connected with the people which, is, why I left.”



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