We can co-exist, Bobi Wine tells PM Kivejinja at Basalirwa party

Basalirwa, Bobi Wine and Kivejinja at the thanksgiving ceremony

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi successfully made his way Bugiri Municipality without any interference from police to attend Asuman Basalirwa’s Victory party.

Present at the function was second deputy Prime Minister RT Kirunda Kivejinja, Jinja MP Paul Mwiru and Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake.

The thanksgiving ceremony massively attended by supporters from Bugiri municipality took place at Bugiri university grounds.

“We are not at war, don’t abuse the law,” Bobi Wine told the police at the event.

Kivejinja talks to Bobi Wine
Victoria University

“Although police had refused to clear the event prompting transnight protests in the town, I am glad they finally cleared it at the last minute,” Bobi Wine said.

“Thank you so much abaana b’eBugiri for peacefully demanding to exercise your constitutional right to assemble. When we talk about okwebelelamu this is what we mean- being peaceful but assertive in our quest for our rights.”

Basalirwa addresses his guests

He emphasized this in his message to the hundreds of people who gathered.

At the end, they pledged to ensure that each of them get their #Ndagamuntu [national ID] at the earliest, and those who already have them pledged to keep them safe.

They also promised to sensitise their friends, relatives and neighbours to get them and guard them jealously.

“Thank you friends for such a warm reception. Thank you for coming in massive numbers. I must also commend the display of unity by people from different political, religious, ethnic and social clusters of our society.”

“We are Ugandans first of all, and all other classifications are secondary.”

Bobi Wine said it was particularly good to catch a cordial chat with mzee Rt. Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja, the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister.

“As I’ve been saying, elders like him are not our enemies. We look to them for advice and guidance, especially if they respect themselves and stick to moral values.”

He said the event once again confirms that Ugandans are peaceful people.

“We can co-exist; we can have peaceful assemblies if the police does not interfere with our lawful activities. Let me once again congratulate my brother Hon. Basalirwa and the people of Bugiri for electing him to office, and for coming to celebrate with him today.”



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