Bad Black: men have failed to make me cum since 2016

Bad Black alias Snail Baby

Former jailbird, city socialite and faded musician Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Snail Baby is complaining on social media that men have failed to make her cum since 2016.

“Cum” or “cumming” is a vulgar slang word for the liquid that comes out during ejaculation or to experience sexual orgasm.

“My fellow Ugandans, I am here to tell you that I don’t cum anymore. For all those years, even if I love the man, I don’t come. Please help me cum as I enter 2019,” she pleaded in a video.

“I have my money Shs500,000. I’m looking for herbs [local medicine] that can help solve my problem. I will even give you a prize if you can help me. I have sold myself but my problem has persisted.”

She reached out to women who have real strong men to lend them to her so she can reach sexual orgasm.

Bad Black
Victoria University

Black says she has sold herself to men of all colour in Dubai including Chinese. She says only one Chinese man with a “small penis” managed to make her cum.

Apparently she did not appreciate the little money the Chinese paid her because she is used to fleecing rich men.

“I don’t want to run for president. All I want is to reach sexual orgasm. My dear Ugandans, please save me. Let me also start 2019 with an orgasm.”

Early this year, Bad Black filmed herself having sex with her latest boyfriend on snap chat while in Thailand.

In 2016 after leaving Luzira Prison, she has struggled to be on the social scene. She had lost all her money and property to fraud cases.

While appearing on a local radio station, she announced her change of names from Bad Black to Snail Baby.

“I am no longer Bad Black, I am Snail Baby. I don’t want to hear anyone call me any other name.”

Bad Black

In April 2018, Galaxy FM quoted Black saying she was tired of selling herself and would do anything to sleep with Rwandan RnB artiste Ngabo Medard Jobert, known by the stage name Meddy.

Meddy is famous for his song “slowly” and just this week cancelled his show in Burundi citing security reasons.

Moving on, the socialite came to fame by fleecing a rich white businessman Greenhag who was buying sex from her only to end up in prison for four years. They even have a child together.

Black later fled to Middle East, bleached her skin to the point of nearly looking white and allegedly started selling sex to rich Arabs.

She is now in the habit of posting her sex-capades on snap chat where she calls herself “Bradleyyy Channitah”.

In May this year, Black said she was “tired of men and had ventured into lesbian sex with girls”.

She recorded a video of herself in a Dubai club dancing dirty with a girl as revenge on her lovera David Greenhalgh and Meddie Ssentongo.



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