Bobi Wine riots: youth burn tyres in Katwe

Youth block a road in Katwe in Bobi Wine protests [Photo credit: SoftPower News]

Riots protesting the banning of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from holding music concerts are spreading fast across Kampala city.

The riots started in Kamwokya, Bobi Wine’s hood, where he has the most support and sympathy of locals.

Youth burned tyres, other flammables and blocked roads prompting a joint military and police deployment.

The protests have since spread to Katwe, a local manufacturing complex, located along Entebbe road.

Victoria University

Two youths burned tyres in attempt to block a road in Katwe that leads out of Kampala to Entebbe.

They say they are protesting the cancellation of Bobi Wine’s Boxing Day concert at One Love Beach in Busabala.

In a message to President Museveni, Bobi Wine said through these actions, the president was revealing who he truly is.

“…a brutal, cold and cowardly despot. You think you are hurting me and my dependents by blocking my sources of income, but you should know that the world is watching.”

Bobi Wine said he has done a show every 26th December for the last ten years, but if this is one of the many sacrifices he has to make for believing in justice and freedom, so be it.

“I will assure you once again that your intention to break my resolve through harassment and intimidation will certainly fail. I shall not kneel before you.”

He added: “I shall not be cowed by your acts of terror. The forces of evil may be so fearsome, but they never win in the end. One day, God being our help, you shall fall like all the other tyrants who came before you.”

Bobi Wine believes his solution will not come from the courts, from Parliament or anywhere else.

“The solution will come from us! We should not forget that Parliament last week passed a resolution against these illegal and repressive actions. But that resolution is being held in contempt, like they do to court orders and the very Constitution of this land!”



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