Bodyguard shoots dead South Sudan General in Juba

SPLA uniform

By Juba TV

A military general was shot dead by his body guard in Juba over the weekend, the army spokesperson has said.

According to General Lul Ruai, Brig Gen Peter Lahid Remy, an officer working with the Tiger division was shot dead on Sunday at his house in Khor Williang, a suburb in Juba.

“On the 16th December, Brigadier General Peter Lahid Remy was shot by his own bodyguard at his own house at Khorwiliang.”

Maj Gen Lul Ruai Koang said the reason for the fatal incident is not clear.

Victoria University

He added, the authorities are working to apprehend the suspect who until Wednesday was still at large.

“At this stage we have no idea why he was shot dead because his killer still at large and we are still hunting for him.”



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