Let Bobi Wine sing, MPs tell minister Jeje

Minister Jeje Odongo

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Odongo Jeje, has said the security situation in the country is generally calm.

“The insecurities that came up lately have been sorted,” he told parliament on Thursday.

He also called upon citizens to be vigilant in the festive season since security starts at personal level.

Asked on why security was harassing Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Jeje said that there are guidelines that guide music concerts and events of the sort; particularly for ensuring order and security.

He said that organisers of the concerts and singers have to adhere to such guidelines.


He laid on table a statement by one of the organisers of the concert in Jinja on December 15th, 2018 where Hon. Kyagulanyi was stopped.

In the statement, the Minister noted that the singer was not on the list of those to perform.

He adds that Kyagulanyi acted contrary to the set guidelines by holding a procession along Iganga road causing disorder.

MPs protest

A significant number of MPs called on government to allow politicians carry out duties within their career alongside politics.

They urged government to let Hon Robert Kyagulanyi continue with his music career just like other MPs in different professions.

Hon. Kyiyingi Florence, the State Minister for the Youth says music entertainment is good for the youth and young people.

“They need music concerts are not only entertainment but also career, and a way to express their views.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi says other artists are allowed to perform in their concerts, yet his are not allowed.

He requested Parliament to look into the matter.

Hon Muwanga Kivumbi says music concerts should not be stopped. Restricting music concerts denies the organisers and singers their economic rights.

He also says that music is a way of expressing people’s views.

Hon Abala David said the Bible recognises the importance of music, for example, David danced to the Lord.

Hon. Abala said Parliament should handle the issue of stopping music concerts with a lot of intelligence and concern.

Hon. Kafeero Ssekitoleko Robert cited the need to separate political issues from economic issues.

Hon. Fred Mwesigye said it is the NRM government that has allowed all talents to sprout in this country including music, “but we need to separate political rallies from music”.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga says everyone in Uganda has a right to practice his/her career and carryout business.

She noted a petition from music promoters and venue owners about their plight with organising events only to be cancelled at the last minute.

Earlier, music promoters and events managers petitioned Kadaga to intervene in the suspended music concerts of Bobi Wine.

The petitioners say they have incurred huge losses for failing to host concerts involving Bobi Wine.

“I think it may be difficult to separate music from politics,” Kadaga noted.



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