Museveni launches national dialogue, vows to defeat rivals

Museveni launching the national dialogue process

President Museveni on Tuesday presided over the launch of the National Dialogue Process, which is overseen by six key players, at State House Entebbe.

These are the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, The National Consultative Forum, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, Inter Party Organization for Dialogue, The Elders’ Forum of Uganda, The Women’s Situation Room, The Uganda Women’s Network and Government of Uganda.

Museveni said he was delighted to take part in this process of national dialogue, as an opportunity to engage people of differing viewpoints and also offer viewpoints.

“This is not the first time in our country’s history to come together and dialogue, we did this during the making of the Constitution by the Constituent Assembly.”

He said what is peculiar in this process is that we hope to speak with each other, and in equal measure, be heard.

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“The intended result is that the opportunistic groups that are trying to emphasize identity clusters and eclipse our interests as a nation, shall once again be defeated.”

“We must be mindful in this process not to water down our achievements, while finding solutions to the challenges that have been presented.”

He added: “We hope to find a baseline to refer to questions of our values, our diversity, management of land and natural resources, our national history, constitutionalism and the rule of law, among others.”

Without a doubt, Museveni hopes that the experience accrued from extensive engagement in the political struggles of Uganda and Africa, shall be of great import to this process for the betterment, and survival of Uganda.

“The government is committed to this endeavour and I invite you all to pay attention to and where it is required, take part in this process. I thank you.”




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