Burundi intelligence abduct activist Arielle & marine nurse  

Arielle Sabushimike

Rage is spreading across social media platforms as activists call for the release of Arielle Sabushimike, a young woman who was allegedly kidnapped by Burundi intelligence.

According to reports, Arielle was grabbed on Friday by Burundi intelligence services [Service national de renseignement, SNR) in the Bujumbura city centre.

SOS Media quotes family sources saying that she was arrested by policemen aboard a police pickup.

Her family has confirmed that their young girl is detained at custody of the national intelligence service in the Bujumbura municipality.

On Wednesday, Jeanne Inamahoro, a non-commissioned officer in the Burundian army, was abducted by unknown persons.

Victoria University

Sources close to her family say not to have any news from her fate.

Inamahoro had been working as a nurse at the Burundian marine.

Jeanne Inamahoro

Social media outcry

Thierry Uwamahoro‏, a programmes manager at IRI Africa and democracy enthusiast, says Arielle Sabushimike, young feminist activist, was stuffed in a police pick-up.

The young feminist activist and co-organiser of ‘Girl Talk’ a feminist event held at the French Institute in Bujumbura was supposed to speak as part of the panel.

She was just seen boarding on Museremu’s pick-up, a police officer notorious for violence.

Arielle was later detained at the National Intelligence Services Headquarters and her family denied access to her.

“The continued attempts to intimidate, harass and detain young people who are demanding for better can only go on for so long! There is no justification for the kidnap and detention of Arielle!” tweeted iBurundi, a group of concerned citizens who raise awareness and denounce injustices in Burundi.



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