Musisi hands over: Kamya says Museveni hasn’t accepted her resignation

Musisi handing over office to Kamya [Photo credit: Gillian Nantume]

Jennifer Musisi has Friday December 14, 2018 handed over the office of the Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] Executive Director to the government.

“When given an opportunity to make a difference, let your existence matter by leaving things better than you found them,” Musisi said in a “signing out” video.

Her resignation papers were received by Kampala minister for Kampala Beti Kamya.

Kamya commended Musisi for the professionalism she has exhibited in this country and for meeting the stakeholders she has been working with as the Executive Director of KCCA.

“This is absolutely unprecedented. I also commend Jennifer Musisi for this fairly comprehensive handover ceremony. What is left is now the responsibility of the Auditor General to verify the documents we have received

Kamya said President Museveni has not yet accepted Jennifer’s resignation or appointed a replacement for her.

“I receive this office awaiting further instructors and guidance from him (President).”

She said Musisi leaves behind a very competent team at Kampala Capital City Authority.

“As we wait for communication from the president, I want to assure the staff of KCCA and country that they’ll be no gap in the delivery of services in Kampala and work will continue smoothly. The laws that govern this city will also continue to be upheld.”

Musisi who served the city for seven and a half years resigned her seat at city hall in October this year.



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