Mao to Museveni: hand over power to next president

Mao gives Museveni a cap

Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao, has said that democracy starts with dialogue but does not end with dialogue.

He was Wednesday speaking at the Inter-party Organisation for Dialogue [IPOD] summit held at Speke Resort hotel in Munyonyo featuring major political parties in the country save for Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

“This IPOD summit is about political hygiene and the words we speak to each other. When we threaten each other, we receive threats and when we encourage each other, we receive encouragement,” Mao said.

He went on: “If I had an army which I firmly controlled and… I was also very well respected in the region, with a lot of experience, and wielding a lot of influence, would I want to talk to people who have such few members of parliament?”

He said democracy requires action and that is how political parties want to be judged.

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“This meeting is a paradox but a paradox that can save the future of our country. After taking the oath in 2016, the President vowed that by 2021 there will be no opposition party left. Here we are talking about strengthening all political parties.”

Mao said excuses are irrelevant and that as long as parties can agree on the path, they can walk together as members of IPOD.

Mao said the main goal now is for the country to see a peaceful transition of power, to see an army serve more than one regime.

“Mr. Museveni, it will be wonderful if you attend a swearing in ceremony of a President who is not you.”

“I for one know some good attributes President Kaguta Museveni has; he understands human flaws and understands that things take time.”

At the same summit, Asuman Basalirwa President JEEMA party called for constitutional reforms for democracy.

He gave Museveni a gift as a show of good faith.

Brian Kagoro, a guest speaker from Zimbabwe, commended the different party presidents attending the summit.

“Dialogue is fundamentally about making power inclusive and you can’t do this without partnership and trust,” he said.

“If someone has already thrown his spear at you, it means he doesn’t fear you. Now that you have come here, it means you don’t fear to dialogue,” Kagoro wondered.

The inter-party organisation for Dialogue running under the theme “Strengthening multi-party governance in Uganda”, attended by President Museveni in his capacity as the chairman of the NRM was shunned by the leading opposition party FDC.

A forum for political parties represented in Parliament staged the summit to discuss among others strengthening political parties to enhance their relevance and effectiveness in Uganda’s political playground.

The conference was attended by Democratic Party President Norbert Mao, NRM chairman President Museveni and his secretary general, Justine Lumumba, Jeema leader Asuman Basalirwa and Jimmy Akena of the Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party.

Parties with a representation in Parliament (except FDC), civil society, religious leaders are all present at the first IPOD summit since multiparty politics was re-introduced.



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