Uphold integrity, ICEA staff tipped

ICEA staff

The morning of Saturday 8th December 2018 was evidently a chilly one in Kampala and areas of the metropolitan.

Such a day could have been dismissed in some circles as dull.

However, members of staff of Human Resource, Administration and Finance departments for ICEA group were brisk enough to equal the day’s weather challenge as they embarked on a team building exercise.

ICEA group is one of Uganda’s leading insurance brands providing both Life and general Insurance Services through its respective companies; ICEA Life Assurance Limited and ICEA general Insurance Limited respectively.

In a meticulously crafted team bonding event which took place at Malakai Eco resort along Entebbe road, lower cadre staff were able to comfortably mix, socialise, play and have fun with their office bosses which was a stark contrast with what happens in routine office work; the need to finish work in time, meet deadlines may not allow such interactions.

Victoria University

It was thus a day when the honchos shredded off their titles.

The importance of working together as a team can’t be gainsaid and was wisely put by Michael Ford who said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

The actual team bonding exercise was competently led by Ekurot Paul, a leading city human resource consultant and team building expert.

Staff had an opportunity to test their communication skills, teamwork abilities, problem solving skills, and innovativeness through a chain of activities as the day’s trainer had guided.

Mr Ekurot exhorted staff to always endeavour to be truthful in their daily work, and uphold the key value of integrity as had been demonstrated in one of the games played, adding that the lack of integrity can destroy brands and individuals.

Emmanuel Mwaka, ICEA Life Limited’s CEO appreciated staff for attending the event amid tight schedules, and encouraged them to export what they had learnt to the office environment.



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