Uhuru unveils Kenya’s new currency coins

Kenyatta unveiling the new currency

President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled the new generation coins at the Central Bank of Kenya [CBK] Tuesday afternoon.

“Our nation has come a long way in making this big change, in line with our Constitution,” Kenyatta said at the ceremony.

He applauded the CBK for finally making this a reality noting that a nation’s currency is not merely an instrument for exchange of value.

The motifs and design elements on currencies present a unique way of recording history, celebrating a country’s diverse culture and natural environment, Kenyatta explained.

“The new coins have aspects that best describe our country. We achieve positive outcomes when public institutions, like the Central Bank of Kenya, pursue their Constitutional and statutory mandates in an environment of liberty and their constitutionally guaranteed operational independence.”

He added: “As we make these milestones, we must also bring on-board SMEs and ensure they get affordable credit to expand. SMEs are the backbone of our economy.”

He said the SMEs create jobs and wealth for Kenyan people.

“This is why my Administration is looking into appropriate ways of funding SMEs to ensure they thrive.”



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