Museveni orders AG to probe Kutesa Shs1.8bn US bribes

Museveni launching anti-corruption unit in Kololo

President Museveni has ordered the Auditor General to investigate Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa over bribes he took from a Chinese company to secure oil deals in Uganda.

Kutesa is said to have received a bribe of $500,000 from Former Hong Kong Home Affairs minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping who was found guilty of corruption by the federal court in USA.

In the “Uganda Scheme”, HO caused a $500,000 bribe to be paid, via wires transmitted through New York, to an account designated by Kutesa, who had recently completed his term as the President of the UN General Assembly.

HO also schemed to pay a $500,000 cash bribe to Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, and offered to provide both Kutesa and Museveni with additional corrupt benefits by “partnering” with them in future joint ventures in Uganda.

Addressing press after launching an anti-corruption unit on Monday, Museveni said he met Kutesa and sought an explanation over the matter.

Victoria University

“Kutesa came to see me and he told me that money is for charity,” Museveni told press.

“It is a crime for him to get money from a foreign company. What for? What were they paying you for? That will be bribe and he will be answerable.”

Museveni asked Kutesa if the money reached the people in that so-called charity and if not, it will be treated as a bribe.

“I told him to be in touch with our auditor general to crosscheck if the money was for the charity or a bribe. If it was for the charity, did it arrive to the charity? Was it delivered?”

Speaking at Kololo independence grounds, Museveni said by 1986, NRM had seven major problems associated with corruption; extra judicial killings by the army, extortion at roadblocks by soldiers, poaching in national parks, wetland encroachment, embezzlement of public funds, bribery and nepotism.

He said government has since dealt with these and is still dealing with others.



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