Ugandans ‘bribed’ with Shs10,000 to attend Museveni anti-graft event


A video is circulating on social media depicting a scenario in which State House staff allegedly bribed Ugandans to attend an event where President Museveni was launching an anti-corruption unit.

According to the video, the incident took place at Kamwokya Passover Church Monday where people were reportedly being paid Shs10,000 to board a taxi taking them to Kololo where the event took place.

The prospect of money sparked an unspeakable commotion as people scampered to board the taxis and give Museveni a “bought audience” as he addressed the nation on measures to combat corruption.

Interestingly, most of the people who were “bought and ferried” to Kololo, made u-turns to Kamwokya to be ferried back and paid again and again.

Immediately as they were dropped at Kololo airstrip, it is said they boarded boda bodas back to Kamwokya to jump on the next taxi with another Shs10,000.

Victoria University

A one Oscar Osii Magoba says he was one of those who used Safe Boda which would charge Shs2,000 or less back to Kamwokya hence saving Shs8,000.

“I made 10 trips (80k). As I speak, am in town busy buying Christmas clothes jumping from one arcade to another,” Magoba revealed.

He added: “If they want me to watch “Kololo”, Nbs television live at 9 News with Bwana Samson Kasumba will take me there, while am in my sitting room smelling my new clothes and my new Hot Pink Christmas Boxer.”

Katumba Arthur believes this is one of the reasons get singer Bebe Cool calls Ugandans “EBIYENJE” [cockroaches].

“A president to has turned Ugandans to become beggars pay them to attend his speeches.”

Richard K Mukungu noted: “If corruption is a baby, Museveni is the midwife.”

Today, Uganda marked an International anti-corruption day with a major address by H.E the President at 2:00Pm, Kololo grounds.

The theme was “Citizen Participation in the fight against corruption: a sustainable path to Uganda’s transformation”.

The launch comes at a time President Museveni and his Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa are accused of taking bribes worth Shs1.8bn from a Chinese businessman Patrick Ho who is currently in US custody.



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